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We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Country across our region. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to the Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and Turrbal Traditional Custodians, and their elders past, present and emerging.


"Unleash Your Inner Power" 

If you're ready to transform your inner self with the help of spiritual guidance and tools, you've come to the right place.

At Inner Jewels we offer a wide range of resources designed to support you on your journey towards self-discovery and personal growth.

With our expertly crafted guided processes, meditations and transformative spiritual sessions, you'll have everything you need to connect with your inner self and achieve more fulfillment in your life.

What's it all about

ChatGPT truly is remarkable, isn't it? It effortlessly conjures words that resonate when I ask for words to convey spiritual meaning:

  • Transcendence – Enlightenment – Awakening – Divine – Sacred – Holiness – Soulful – Ethereal – Mystical – Reverence – Grace – Oneness – Serenity – Harmony - Inner peace - Higher self – Presence - Bliss


Yet, amidst the beauty of these words lay a reality often overlooked. There are aspects of spirituality that aren't quite as picturesque, things that are challenging to articulate:

  • Abstinence, resulting in purification

  • The relentless pursuit, the perseverance that can lead nowhere

  • Utter despair when life diverges from expectations

  • Anger and rage, emotions stirred by abstinence and perseverance

  • Financial turmoil, robbing sleep and peace

  • The insatiable urge to consume, a symptom of deeper emptiness

  • Numbness that clouds the mind

  • The feeling of being the black sheep in the family, or being the black sheep of the family

  • Displacement, being without a home or belonging

In times like these, especially amidst conflicts like the one ravaging Palestine, discussing these matters might seem trivial. Yet, it is precisely during such turmoil that spiritual work becomes crucial. It's about finding that inner knowing, that foundational peace which not only sustains but also empowers one to effect positive change in the world and firstly in YOUR world.

And that's where the three-month spiritual sessions come in.

These sessions delve deep into your soul, - YOU - addressing not just the picturesque and dare I say romantic aspects of spirituality but the gritty, challenging ones that are overlooked when walking this path.

This journey is the foundational work, setting you on a trajectory of self-discovery and growth that lasts a lifetime. The journey isn't about racing full speed ahead; with work like this it can never be that,  it's about finding your unwavering belief in what is real and who you are.

I've experienced moments where my belief wavered, like when I faced rejection from a corporate position. Initially, I blamed external factors, but through the years of spiritual exploration, those moments of doubt grew smaller. I learned to recognize them as lessons, guiding me back to my true path.

So, are you ready to embark on this journey?

Join me for three months of deep exploration and rediscovery. Together, we'll navigate through all aspects of spirituality, confronting challenges and embracing growth. The curriculum is tailored to your needs, guided by your responses to my Immersive Worksheet. The cost is $1888.00 AUD for three months, inclusive of twelve Zoom calls and ongoing email support.

There's much more in store beyond these sessions – the real value lies in what you'll uncover within yourself. Are you ready to reconnect with your true self and embark on a transformative journey?


Inner Journey Services

1 on 1

Three Month Immersive Journey

Inner transformation is a powerful journey that can lead to profound personal growth and fulfillment. Whether you're seeking to overcome challenges, find greater meaning and purpose, or simply connect more deeply with yourself and others, the process of inner transformation can help you achieve your goals live a more fulfilling life. With the right tools, guidance, and support, anyone can embark on this journey and experience the transformative power of self-discovery and personal growth.

Our journey together will begin as soon as you sign up

Three months - $1888.00 AUD

Mar - Fully Booked

April - Fully Booked

May - One spot available

June - 2 spots open

July - 1 spot available

If you have always been fascinated by India, and what she holds, stay tuned my first one on one Intensive is coming - Click below to get on my waiting list.

Indian One on One Coming Soon

About Jewels - 


I'll try to make this brief as this isn't about me, it's about you.

I have been on a spiritual journal since I was about seven years old.

I remember sitting on my bed thinking I had to love 'God' and I really didn't like that idea as I went to Sunday School and did not find it that much fun - kind of boring.

I've written a little story about that moment in time, I will post it on my website for you to have a read one day.

The point is, I have been into ‘God’ or something of a religious nature for a long time.


When I got to the stage where I was out on my own around the age of 18 or so, I began to dabble in the spiritual world, however at that time there wasn’t that much around at all to read, there wasn’t an internet, we only had plugged into the wall phones. I attracted the people I needed to hear about – one of them was Shirley MacLaine, and I began reading her books (1983 – Out on a LimB) – reading that book made me begin to think I wasn’t a complete and utter nutcase for believing the way I did.

Ever since then I have learned more and hopefully evolved more to the place I am now.

ALWAYS learning – remembering who I am – and then forgetting.

I have been on more retreats and inner journeys then you can poke a stick at.


My last one that made me finally make this offer to YOU – was a journey back to India ..

I lived there in my early 20s and a place called Vrindarvan – the Hare Krishnas Top Spot. I was a rebel fence-sitting hare krishna, never joined, but everyone knew me there.

I went to back to visit many moons later and after the initial shock of the change – I felt that same kind of pull..

I travelled with my kids and we visited the places in India we had travelled to when we had a family vacation there when they were little.

Babajis Ashram – I have written about this place in my book ‘Walking on Water’ I hadn’t even visited before I wrote the book.

It is dream to be there.

And it really shook me up to begin this sacred journey with you once again.

To put my words into action and offer what I have learned over the years as a service to you so that you may also reach the place of inner happiness and a knowingness that can not be shaken (only stirred)!!!

There is a lot more of the story.

I’ve written a book about my journeys *(yet to be published) but like I have said THIS IS ABOUT YOU – I just want you to know you are in good hands.

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