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You Got Money Blocks, I Got Money Blocks

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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You got money blocks,

I got Money Blocks

We’ve all Got Money Blocks Up the Wazoo.

Yep that sums it up alright.

Who doesn’t have a money block?

Mice up!

I have talked to so many women who are in the same place money wise speaking.

Can you relate?

You aren’t making what you really should be making.

You are dependent on your husband.

You are hiding spending from your husband (especially biz Courses and mentoring, or was that just me)

You’re not even suspecting that it’s ok to receive the same and or MORE then your male counterparts

You feel you’re place is in the home - cooking and believe me, my cooking is not fit for human consumption, although I got to say I am getting better.

You’re business is a bit of a hobby and so it’s ok not to be making that amount of money anyway.

Are you saying to yourself?

It’s ok, I am happy just the way things are (while secretly freaking out and quietly seething because you just can’t seem to find the right fit for you and money);

Feeling resentful because you aren’t able to make decisions or you don’t feel as if you should be able to make the decisions when it’s not even your money earned;

Bouncing from one business idea to the next, or mentor to the net hoping and praying this is the right fit this time?

It’s ok.

You just have a few blocks to money, wealth, abundance and all that jazz…..

Phew, help is on the way.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Money has been so misinterpreted over the years how can it possibly stand a chance in being something you can relate to let alone make friends with.

What is Money in the first place?

Ever thought about that one?

Well it’s energy in motion. You buy something with it, You exchange your energy in return for it and visa versa.

Energy in motion.

There is an abundance of wealth in the world and there are people right now making absolutely ridiculous amounts of money for what appears to be very little in terms of energy.

So my belief is energy is not in the amount of physical energy that is the output, thoughts create energy as well, and energy in terms of the amount of mindset energy you have going on behind the scenes.

Mindset is a term that is tossed around these days and I love it.

Use you thoughts to create your world. Some people hate it and some love it. It’s all in the results really.

Here’s my challenge to you….

Create something in the next week from you mindset.

Create something that you have to actually pay money for (although you don’t have to buy it yourself). It can be anything, how about you start small though…

So decided what it will be. Get real clear on all the details. Hold it in your mind and fully believe that it is yours already.

You can do this by remembering what it feels like to already own something or have something given to you etc.

So recall the last time you bought something a little bigger this time as when you tend to by smaller stuff the energy of creation there is so subtle it’s hard to find for this exercise.

So say you bought a car and are driving it home, what does that feel like, say you just got that new dress, or shoes, use anything and recall what that felt like it finally being yours.

Use that memory in this exercise and apply that to what you are manifesting in the next week.

Do this morning noon and night, with absolute commitment to it and to you.

Write to me at and let me know what happens.

This is just a very small example of the power of your mindset.

You hold a gold mine in your lap, and it’s about time, I know you know, that you got to use it properly.

Time to weed that garden.

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