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Money Mindset Practice - Crazy Because it's True

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Mindset Games - Crazy Because it’s True

If you had the keys to unlock everything you have ever dreamed of being, if you held them in your hands, would you go ahead and unlock it?

Think about it – your life would be exactly the way you as a child envisioned it.

Money Mindset is the answer.

Remember being a kid of dreaming about what you were going to do when you grow up – and the fun and excitement that bought you as you dreamed away in your secret fantasy world.

Well that fantasy world may not be as fantastical as you think. Getting your money mindset in order can create changes you may not have dreamed of.

It has been well documented and written about now that you create your own realities – right.

What you think is what you get – and because most times it hasn’t been instantaneous, then you get to thinking that it’s not quite coming from you, its coming from outside of you.

And so by thinking this you begin thinking and giving yourself evidence that in fact your life is controlled by outside forces, and all you can do is try (not do) it your best shot hoping things turn out ok….

Boy its been a long shot right?

Well I’m going to show you how that just isn’t so…

It never has been, and it never could be…

Buckle up now, you’re in for a ride.

I’m pretty sure knowing you to be the type of person that would love this kind of stuff, none of this is new stuff…

You’ve probably heard it time and time again.

Create your own reality; thoughts are unformed energy creating form through being spoken (eventually).

But not really knowing how that works and if it actually does.

How true is that stuff……

Well have you ever tried to think yourself something consciously?

Think about it.

How about as an experiment for yourself you go create your own bit of reality today.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Get clear on what it is you desire in the next 48 hours – make it small as you may not be use to consciously creating.

Find the words to express what it is, and do it – you know express say it out loud.

For instance I desire to see a purple vehicle in the next 48 hours.

Get a clear picture of the feather, visualise it, get clear about the whole thing, take special note.

Then wait for 48 hours – and see what happens.

I would love to know what happens....

Do as many experiments like that as you like, get great at creating things like parking spots each time you go shopping; finding things when you need them; make a list of a few little things you think you could easily create in your thoughts, and then go about creating them.

Just for the fun of it.

There is a trick to it and that is ‘believing’; how’s it going to happen if you don’t believe it to begin with.

The power is within you, it’s not outside.

This is for fun, however it’s also to show you how you can create and manifest once you put your mind to it.

If you don’t succeed, don’t give up. Keep giving it a go.

The key is in as I said believing it to be an absolute. There is no question what so ever that you will see whatever it is you have asked for.

Be firm and committed in your approach. Be mindful of negatives coming into your mind and refocus each time that happens.

Find time morning noon and night to focus on the creation, the let it go. Allow excitement in for imagine the infinite possibilities once you have accomplished this.

Also - almost forgot - naturally, this is part of a promotional series I've created for a new program I'm offering called Miraculous Money Mindset.

This programme is going to be released when you need it the most. Just ask, or have a look on the website.

If you want assistance with this programme, give me a call/email I have some great packages for coaching.


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