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Mindset and Money

Walking clears the mind, Money Mindset Walking

Is money a dirty word?

What do you think? Is it?

If we begin to talk abut your Money Mindset for instance? Does that fill you with fear and maybe embarrassment?

I was raised to never speak about money in mixed company (mixed being with anyone other then just to myself in my head).

Of course this was never said out loud to me, it was implied. I don’t even remember how it was implied, it just was.

I’m incredibly lucky my parents are amazingly successful business people who raised me to get the experience that I am very abundant. I was raised in a middle class home and I had a happy childhood. We had loads of holidays at the beach, lots of fun and laughs, great memories, and I got to see my parents work in their own business day in day out.

It was a done deal.

However when I got out of the home I didn’t want to work for someone else.

I did do it because I didn’t know any differently, however it wasn’t long before I didn’t want to do it anymore.

I always wanted my own business so I could have the freedom to decide what to do when, and when that didn’t work out the numerous times I tried, I worked with my husband who was the best provider like my parents had been.

The only thing was he hated his business.

It was a drudgery to him and I felt guilty spending that money.

The biggest lesson has come through writing my program – Miraculous Money Mindset

As I was bringing the subject of ‘money’ out in the open for discussion.

As I was openly going to talking about money and the ilk.

And much as I consciously love it and love the talk of it, subconsciously – urk….

It felt urky and murky and wrong almost forbidden to discuss.

Talking about money was laden with shame, with how dare I, with separation really.

Separation in the feeling that money is here (pointing to a dot on the wall) and I am way way over there (pointing to a dot way way on the otherside of the room)….

There was no connection.

And yet there I was creating a program about money consciousness wealth abundance and all those money type descriptions.

How – Dare – I??

Really, How dare I?


It was a big one for me.

How about you?

How do you feel about openly thinking about money wealth abundance through the course of the day?

How are you about thinking it is a part of everything and ok to be as comfortable to discuss as what you want for breakfast for instance?

In our house, when we have discussed money in the past, we have ended up fighting our heads off.

Big waring type fights laced with venom.

It’s not a pretty sight let alone sound.

It has gotten ugly at times.

And yet the question to ask is WHY?

Why does money evoke such strong emotion from me?

From You?

Can you think why?

Money is the root of all evil

Money doesn’t grow on trees

We can’t afford that

Money makes the world go round

Money makes people do stupid things

Money money money money!

Can you let these sayings and others fall easily out of your mouth? Cause they have been like permanent implants at times for me.

It wasn’t until I really thought about it?

Really gave time to think about what is money?

Money is something you get for giving something to someone else, or something you use in order to get something from someone else.

It’s that simple really.

Energy in action, cause and effect.

You get to decide how much you pay for things, and for the most part you decide if it’s valuable enough to part with the money that is being asked; and you decide how much you are worth and get paid accordingly. (The how much you are worth is a bit more subconscious especially when you’re working for someone else and there is a set wage however money can come in from other areas and it’s just not a done deal).

So there is an equality about it. Energy for energy.

So where does it all come from, the angst, the not talking about money, the crazy sayings money is associated it with?

Poor old money is actually the innocent bystander in all it.

Just hanging out waiting to be used.

Waiting in the ethers (these days via internet spending and banking).

So how can something so seemingly innocuous create this stuff?

I’m going to tell you the why in the next instalment.

I love money, I love the freedom money gives me and I still work with the feelings around receiving money having money and my spirituality.

Even though I know these things have nothing to do with anything other then what I think about them.

Love this and want more.

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