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About Me

At Miraculous Money Mindset, we believe that abundance and financial freedom come from within. We offer mindset coaching to help you break through mental barriers and create positive financial habits. Our goal is to help you cultivate an empowered and abundant mindset, so you can create the life of your dreams.

We believe that by understanding the power of your thoughts and emotions, you can achieve anything. We provide the tools and strategies, along with the support and accountability you need to make real changes in your life. Invest in yourself and your future today.


My Story

I could go through a huge story about me knowing stuff, and if you read my bio not that long ago, I waffled my head off about being this that and the other.

Well guess what I am a pretty good coach and have helped my clients transform aspects of their mindset because I have actually (read above, been there done that).

I’ve gone the long way around trying so many different techniques. From meditation, yoga, Indian gurus and ashrams, rebirthing, reiki, body harmony, tarot card reading, palm reading, life coaching, and many university courses. I’ve travelled my butt off; I’ve read countless books on self-development, spiritual growth and understanding, metaphysics, astrology, numerology. Had so many charts done to tell me what I’m good at and what I should be avoiding. Who I should marry and what I should eat. I really have done a lot.

I avoided jumping on the life coaching bandwagon early on in the piece because I didn’t like joining things, however eventually got involved and did a Cert IV with the Coaching Institute in Melbourne in 2007. Loved it, and set up my business, however it didn’t take off in the manner I envisioned and eventually I gave it up for my love of buying property.

That went pear shaped and so I had to sit and consider my navel while trying to make money and stay afloat.

The whole time I was doing this and you can imagine that took quite a few years to accomplish, one thing that didn’t go was my belief in what the world/universe/my life was all about, and I just knew it was more then going to work and doing a job. (I even wrote a book about that and got that published, it’s called Walking on Water).

I struggled with having things, living in India for a while I struggled with the material aspects of life, because I desired stuff, and I also desired to not have stuff. I lived a minimalistic life for a long time. I kept things in a backpack and that was all I had.

Until I got married, then I expanded my minimalistic views and got more stuff. Until now, where I have a far richer understanding of the tapestry of life and purpose.

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