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We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Country across our region. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to the Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and Turrbal Traditional Custodians, and their elders past, present and emerging.

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Your Money Story?

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At Inner Jewels Money Mindset Training is important, otherwise you are just on a treadmill creating the same old same old. Day in day out, year in year out. If you love that, then this may not be for you.

Without even realising it, you are creating your life now. Through the belief systems you have in place your schedule, your routine, and the way you live your life, the decisions you make today, create your life tomorrow. 

If you’re living the life of your dreams, then congratulations that is wonderful.

You probably wouldn’t be here on this page if you had done just that so read on. It gets so much more exciting.

There are many outside factors that can be saboteurs on the path to success and abundance, and one of the biggest is you. 

That's right. How you think; how your thinking makes you behave; how your behaviour impacts each part of your life and so on and so forth. Until you draw in the reins on exactly how you desire your life to be and how you can go about creating that, AND actually knowing that you have the ability to take charge; AND that it’s your INHERENT divine right to create it - you may just keep meandering along the path, whatever that path may be.

How interested are you in staying there?

You Were Here to Do Something Magnificent, and you get to choose what magnificent is for yourself.

You Have Been Given This Opportunity To Create Whatever It Is You Desire In Your Life And You Know This In Your Heart.

You Wake Up Knowing There Is More - Crying Out - Show Me How To Create This.

You Just Know It.

I am here to show you the steps, to keep YOU in in accountability as you create the awareness; as you build and rebuild your life from the ground up, so you can with absolute confidence know this is it - there is no turning back, unless YOU decide to stop. And even then there’s no turning back, just stopping really.

You were meant to do this.  

That’s what this is for.

Pink Sugar

So What Happens Here

Money Mindset Baby

Miraculous Money Manifestation

Miraculous Money Mindset is a revolutionary money mindset training for total beginners that will set you on the path to success in as little as three months! It will equip you with the skills and confidence you need to set yourself up for money mindset success!

Image by Alan Labisch

Before my session with Julie, I felt stuck and confused on how to shift my money blocks. When I thought about "going there", I thought it would be hard. But WOO she was sooo AMAZING! I felt portions of my money issues dissolving as she spoke and I shifted several times during our first session. I can't wait to see what else is possible working with Julie. This is a lifelong issue immediately turned on its head! Don't hesitate to work with Julie if you have a money thing.

Cherie L.

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